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Award and Promotion Ceremony for 3SFG/1BN/A Co.


Event Name : Operation Clean Sweep
Host : 1ID

Server Name : 1ID Event Server
Password : Vanguard

Date : 07/02/2022
SL Brief : 4:20 pm
Live Call : 5 pm


Friday Night Fights, with the continuation of our Campaign asthe 3rd map. Operation: Silver Maple, objectives to follow-------------->


Event Name : Operation Irene Phase 2
Host : BR1

Server Name : BR1 Events and Training
Password : Irene

Date : 07/09/2022
Brief for all players : 745pm EST
SL Brief : 750pm EST BR1 Discord
Live Call :810pm EST


Friday Night Fights Primetime, with the 3rd map being the continuation of our campaign.
Objectives to follow---------------->


**3SFG re-deployment to Logar Valley, Latvia**

3SFG and COB forces were unable to secure Logar Valley and will redeploy with carry-on orders from SOCOM. Objectives within the OPORD are crucial in order to secure the area from IMF forces.

All 3SFG Members are expected to attend all deployments. If you are not able to attend you **Must** allow your chain of command (CoC) aware of your absence. Only __after__ notifying your CoC you cannot make it, you must then check \"Commander Excused\"

__Click Image to **Enhance**__


Multi-Clan Event put on by 1ID.
---The United States Marine Corps has been tasked with assaulting and securing the beaches and northern city of Black Coast, one of the locations deemed least defended by US intelligence. It is expected that the beaches will be defended by Russian militias and conscripts. The Marines have also planned to take out the enemy radio positions on the beaches which are located on the coast. Russian forces must repel the enemy's attempt to secure a foothold on land.


3SFG will continue the assault on CoB forces, moving into Kohat to secure the area and deny enemy logistics into Logar. Failure of these objectives will allow the enemy to recapture previously held areas.

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