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3SFG Personnel


1st Infantry Division will be hosting Operation: LIBERATION this Saturday (June 4th) at 8PM EST. The Op will be held on the 1ID Event server and Password will be given out closer to event start time. This Op was ran before with great success and a lot of positive feedback from outside community's and our own so if interested please get your groups togetherand signed up ASAP. This event was intended as more of a fun, and more community oriented event than a competitive one. Should be another great turn out, hope to see you all there! SL Brief will be at 7:30pm EST.
-LTCOL Swooper, 1ID


Friday Night Fights, with the Invasion of Mestia: Operation:Tilted Towers, being the 3rd map in the rotation.
Objectives to Follow-------->


Friday Night Fights, with the continuation of our \"Latvia\" Campaign on the 3rd Map in the rotation.

Objectives to Follow-------------------->


Event Name : Superfob Event
Host : Spartan Corps

Server Name : [SP] Spartan Corps Training & Events | discord.gg/spartancorps
Password : Brass918

Date : 18 June 2022
SL Brief : 2000 EST
Live Call : 2100 EST



Award and Promotion Ceremony for 3SFG/1BN/A Co.

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