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Promotion and Award Ceremony for Alpha Company.


3SFG Members will deploy to 3SFG Community server to engage intactical combat operations against regional separatists known as the \"Blueberry Army\".

The Blueberry Army may be supported by more organized conventional military groups.

Mandatory: No
MilsimXP: 15pts
Type: #training, #communityoutreach


Sign-up sheet for 05/07/22 ASC Event.


OPORD for OPERATION: Wrecking Ball to follow----->


Event Name : Within the Wire Playtest
Host : Within the Wire Dev team (1ID coordinating)

SL Briefing Time : No Brief

Server : TBD

OP ORD : This is a playtest of the Within The Wire mod, which is a superfob mod that has a ton of added deployables to make the most sexy, fortified superfobs in existence. The game mode is Escalation which is similar, in my understanding, to the Karmakut Occupation mode. Last test was aton of fun. Let’s make this one even more so by filling the server out! Slots will be first come, first serve so just show up with as many as you can bring and once the server hits 100, that’s all she wrote.
-LtCol Swooper, 1ID

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