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3SFG Personnel

Operation Spring Meadows


Event details


**Server:** 3SFG Event Server
**Password:** ||||

**OPORD**: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1uQqiCJ4Jvm7-grT9aWK4Loktjwv25kw0P2_VjwpGBwA/edit#slide=id.p

After collecting vital intelligence during Operation Clean Sweep, the 3rd Special Forces Group have been deployed tothe Lashkar Valley province to intercept key Russian communications.

__This is a mandatory event for all 3SFG Members. If you cannot attend, please make sure you use the reaction. Please inform your chain of commandif you are not able to attend__

*RSV will close on Feb 20th. Last minute additions or removals must be done by a member of command at that time*

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